MG Unveils Cyberster in London

MG Motor UK has recently unveiled a pre-production design model of its newest addition to the electric car lineup, the Cyberster. The special preview event was held at the MG Motor UK headquarters in Marylebone, London, where the Advanced design director Carl Gotham and his Marylebone team revealed the model for the first time. The Cyberster is set to be the first all-electric roadster on the market and will offer MG customers a striking and exciting driving experience.

During the preview event, Carl Gotham commented on the significance of the Cyberster: “It is a special moment for all of us who have played a part in designing this unique car. The Cyberster will offer MG customers a striking, all-electric roadster which will be as exciting as MG sports cars of the past.” The unveiling of the Cyberster has been eagerly awaited by car enthusiasts around the world, and it is expected to make a significant impact in the sports car market.

To celebrate the upcoming arrival of the Cyberster, MG has released a new film focusing on the design story presented by Carl Gotham. The film takes viewers behind the scenes and showcases how the Cyberster was created. The sports car was envisioned by Gotham and his design colleagues at MG’s design studio in Marylebone, London. The Cyberster’s stand-out styling draws inspiration from MG’s heritage, with signature design highlights including a distinctive long bonnet, low nose, and curvaceous surfaces.

The Cyberster’s design is further complemented by some striking new features, such as scissor doors and a Kammback rear design. The two-seater Cyberster marks the much-anticipated return of sports car production by the MG marque, bringing the story right up to date with a high-performance all-electric powertrain and a modern cabin featuring an array of advanced driver technology.

Overall, the Cyberster is a bold and exciting addition to the sports car market, representing a significant milestone in the evolution of electric vehicles. With its stunning design and cutting-edge technology, the Cyberster promises to deliver a truly unforgettable driving experience for car enthusiasts and MG fans alike.






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